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Microsoft 365 admin platform


My Role

Product designer

Design for small medium business

Microsoft 365 admin platform empowers SMBs to boost their team productivity by monitoring and managing their subscription usage and payment.

I helped bridge the gap between SMB and 3rd party Microsoft partners with a smoother checkout experience (flow) and subscription management (dashboard). 


Problem overview

As of 2023, around 80% of SMBs acquire their Microsoft 365 subscriptions from third-party service providers. However, a significant gap remains across various platforms for SMBs to effectively manage their product subscriptions after the initial purchase.

We set out to design a POC (Microsoft 365 Admin Platform) to equip SMBs with an automated and consistent subscription management tool.

The design for admin management platform from one of the service provider is outdated and inconsistent. 


Solution highlights




Presents vital metrics—Billing, User Activity, License Assignment, and Product List—for swift administrative monitoring.

Efficiency at a Glance

Enables admins to effortlessly track key data in a single view.


Subscription List

Management Hub

Facilitates seamless administration by allowing activation of subscriptions, addition of users, and license assignment.

Control Center

Empowers admins with comprehensive control over subscription-related tasks.

Subscription overview.png

Subscription Overview

Product Snapshot

Offers a condensed overview of the product, coupled with clear calls to action for streamlined license setup and assignment.

Actionable Insights

Equips admins with the necessary information to promptly initiate setup or license assignments.

Subscription overview.png

Progressive Setup

Guided Setup

Assists admins in the subscription setup process through contextual information and step-by-step guidance.

Effortless Configuration

Simplifies the setup journey with a progressive card layout, ensuring a smooth and informed experience for admins.

The special challenge

Balancing among stakeholders and goals in a "B2B2B" Product? 😨

The biggest difference between a typical B2B product and this one is that we have three main stakeholders in-house, each with their own motivations and goals:

Small-medium businesses: As our end customers, they naturally seek a simple solution to manage data and make informed decisions with just one click.

Microsoft's 3rd-party partners: Serving as the bridge between customers and Microsoft 365 products, their goal is to sell more M365 products and optimize their revenue.

Microsoft: As the initiator, we aim to streamline the experience for all 3rd-party partners and align it with Microsoft branding, thereby amplifying our reach and impact.

Stakeholder overview.png

Communicating thru the win-win🤝

I know if we don't set a clear communication plan in the beginning, the house will be on fire towards the end.

By creating a design roadmap with stakeholder checkpoints, I wanted to ensure that there is a defined direction to follow throughout the process, even if there are differing perspectives or feedback along the way. This helps maintain alignment and provides a framework for effective communication and collaboration.


Business? Us? Users?

Like many designers, I faced the challenge of balancing business goals, user needs, and my own biases. However, I actively worked to overcome my biases by relying on research and user feedback. I prioritized understanding user pain points and integrating their perspectives into my designs. I also supported my Product Manager's vision and aligned design decisions with our business goals. Recognizing that meeting user needs leads to business success, I focused on creating a user-centered experience.


Implementation on the way

The designs received positive feedback from partners and users, and it's being implemented right now.

The key metrics we use to measure the success are:

• x% bump in Net paid seats

• y% increase of Monthly active users

• z seconds shorter on certain pages

• a% decrease in Drop off rate

Wanting to learn more?

Due to confidentiality, the work is available upon request via Thanks!


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