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Autonomous Vehicle | Speculative Design 

side parking 1.png
My Role



Scenario Mapping

Prototyping (Interior) 


Cassie Li

Adhiraj Singh

Karunya Mallela 

Ruby Chen


3 Weeks 

Fall 2021



After Effects



Cinema 4D


We received our creative brief of designing a fully electric Level 5 Autonomous Car.

Our instructor hinted that there’s no technical constraints we need to consider during the design process, so we kicked off our project from a human-centered design process. 


We started by conducting extensive secondary research about every perspective of autonomous vehicles regarding Ergonomics, External structure, Ecosystem, Customizable controls, Ridesharing, Safety features, and Accessibility. 

image 21.png

We then interviewed our client in a workshop regarding his view about the value of a car, automation, and manufacturing & ecosystem. 

We depicted our user’s journey after the workshop so that we can better understand how our client envisions his journey with an autonomous vehicle. 

As a result of our research, we believe it would be impossible to design an autonomous car without considering the design of the systems and environments we live in.

Considering aspects such as: 
Parking & Space Use, Ridesharing Economy, Pedestrian Activity ,Data Privacy

Synthesis & Concepting

After gathering insights from interview exercise and co-creation workshop and organizing client preferences & research ideas by car features, we defined our opportunities in 2 different modes of autonomous vehicle: 

1. Car as a Commodity

2. Car as a Service

Group 22.png

Mode 1
Scenario 1:
Running Errands

Car runs errands on owner’s behalf: multitasking mobility

Work/ Play modes available for commute from Point 1 to Point 2

mode1 -s2.1.png

Mode 1
Scenario 2:
Travelling & Sightseeing

Edutainment guided tours for family/ self on LED screens

Customizable live feedback or abstract environment

Sleep Mode for long-haul journeys & overnight travel routes


Mode 1
Scenario 3:
Working from Car (WFC)

Customizable comfort/ productivity settings for work environment

Remote video conferencing from LED interior glass walls and AR visuals


Mode 2
Scenario 1:
Running Errands

Car runs errands for the renters while the owners make monetary gain

Cars are part of a decentralized delivery system for everything ordered online 

Web 3 anyone?

Mode 2

Scenario 2:
Travelling & Sightseeing

Car leased to tourists for guided tour: AR and LED screen live visual feedback

Coworking rental ride: scenic drive during casual work meetings


Mode 2

Scenario 3:
Working from Car (WFC)

Company staff meetings & tour, eg. to scope out area for development

Coworking rental ride: scenic drive during casual work meetings

Final Solution

Exterior Design

 by Adhiraj Sigh

Wearables rental.png


 by Ruby Chen

Rider communicates with car through the Portal app on his Smart Watch.
Errand scheduling, rideshare ordering available.

Interior Glass.png

Interior Design

 by Cassie Li (me)

A 360-view created through glass windows
Interchangable wide-opening glass panel and functional LED screens
Transforming the car into a personal VR space

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