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Microsoft 365 admin platform


My Role

Product designer

Design for small medium business

Microsoft 365 admin platform helps SMBs and service providers to manage their subscription usage and payment. As of 2023, around 80% of SMBs acquire their Microsoft 365 subscriptions from 3rd-party providers. However, experience gaps remain across various providers cause difficulties for SMBs to manage their product subscriptions after the initial purchase.

I designed and launched a smoother checkout flow and a POC of the subscription management tool for admins that bridged the gap between SMBs and 3rd party providers Microsoft partners with.

The special challenge

Balancing among stakeholders and goals in a "B2B2B" Product? 😨

The biggest difference between a typical B2B product and this one is that we have three main stakeholders in-house, each with their own motivations and goals:

Small-medium businesses: As our end customers, they naturally seek a simple solution to manage data and make informed decisions with just one click.

Microsoft's 3rd-party partners: Serving as the bridge between customers and Microsoft 365 products, their goal is to sell more M365 products and optimize their revenue.

Microsoft: As the initiator, we aim to streamline the experience for all 3rd-party partners and align it with Microsoft branding, thereby amplifying our reach and impact.

Stakeholder overview.png

Roadmap with stakeholder checkpoints

I supported my Product Manager's vision and aligned design decisions with our business goals and internal and external stakeholders by setting up alignment meetings with updated design deliverables on the roadmap for feedback. 


Implementation on the way

The designs received positive feedback from partners and users, and it's being implemented right now.

The key metrics we use to measure the success are:

• x% bump in Net paid seats

• y% increase of Monthly active users

• z seconds shorter on certain pages

• a% decrease in Drop off rate


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